Get Married ONLINE!

The Bride and Groom must be in attendance with the Wedding Officiant and, of course, have a marriage license in order for it to be legal. But “guests” from anywhere can certainly attend your virtual ceremony. You pick the ceremony venue or use our office in Honesdale, PA.

Virtual ceremonies can be romantic and personal! If you want to get married online, we will help you create a personalized and unique experience that will be administered over ZOOM or another video platform of your choice. We will work with you to have a beautiful virtual wedding ceremony whether it’s just the two of you or many guests from near and far!

Virtual Wedding Officiant Services $175*

*There will be an extra mileage charge for over 20 miles from Honesdale, PA if the Wedding Officiant travels to your destination. No charge for our location.

The Virtual Ceremony

In addition to the regular Wedding Officiant duties, we’ll help you create a beautiful virtual ceremony by:

  • Scheduling a consultation call with you after booking to answer any questions you have
  • Being a resource through the planning process
  • Building a ceremony plan with you
  • Providing a virtual rehearsal before your ceremony
  • Setting up and operating Zoom during the ceremony
  • Muting & un-muting guests as necessary
  • Providing tech support during the experience
  • Recording the ceremony and sending you a copy to download